teshya rae weisent car crash

teshya rae weisent car crash 1

On January 28, 2003, Keven Conner was killed in an automobile accident in Houston, Texas. According to police, Keven had just left a recording studio and was a passenger in a car being driven by his pregnant girlfriend, Teshya Rae Weisent. Their vehicle was struck by an SUV that ran a red light. Weisent died at the scene. Keven died en route to the hospital. He was 28 years old. Three people were in the SUV, all of whom fled after the accident. One of them, Juan Diaz, was later apprehended, however, and faced a felony charge of failure to stop and render aid. Two weeks before his death, Keven recorded a song titled, “The Day I Die”, and H-Town was said to have just finished their fourth album Imitations of Life which was later released on October 12, 2004. On December 1, 2016, 4 tracks from what was to be Dino’s solo album “You’re My Morning Star” were released on iTunes under Mindtaker Entertainment. His girlfriend Teshya is featured on some of tracks.
teshya rae weisent car crash 1

H TOWN Hailing from Houston is one of the most astounding artists heavily known for their ground breaking Slow Jams ever to be released, the unforgettable H Town. The trio consisting of G.I, Shazam and his twin brother Dino had started their musical ventures from their early teens, but it wasn’t until they were signed by 2 Live Crew’s Luther ‘Luke’ Campbell that their ambition’s were taken to a level that not even they knew existed. In 1994 ‘Fever For Da Flavor’ was H Town’s debut album that included hit singles, “Lick U Up” and the track title that claims their name to fame, “Knockin’ Da Boots” that even to this day would define the meaning of Rhythm & Blue’s Slow Jams. The phenomenal feedback from their first official album release sold more than a 3 million copies, which then led the threesome into platinum selling records on motion picture soundtracks. H Town recorded a track called “Part Time Lover” for their first soundtrack appearance on Death Rows “Above The Rim”. Not only did the single hit platinum sales, but also helped push the soundtrack into a multi platinum success. At this point H Town had created an incomparable musical buzz and their status of creating sexy numbers became a demanding craft within the musical game. The following year Martin Lawrence starred in his first hit film “THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE”’ in which H Town once again gained immense endorsements for the soundtracks outstanding classic version of “Thin Line Between Love And Hate”. Following up to their previous success, H Town released their second album, ‘Beggin’ After Dark’ in 1995, and although it never received the same financial backing like their first, the kings of Slow Jams still received a platinum single with “Emotions”. Their third album was represented a little while later in 2000, and once again this ‘Ladies Edition’ featured the gold selling singles such as “They Like It Slow” and “Natural Woman”, always satisfying and never a disappointment. After recording their new album in 2003, Kevin A Conner AKA Dino and his girlfriend Teshya Rae Weisent were tragically killed in a car accident when his car was struck by a SUV that had run a red light. The H Town Reunion Tour was cancelled while Dino’s brother Shazam and band mate G.I needed the time to grieve over the loss of not only a group member of H Town, but family and friend. The musical history of H Town grew into an overwhelming development of three young artists that represented hit after hit and with aspiring attitudes creating this amazing journey, their musical growth has gone from strength to strength. The two man band has replenished, Shazam and G.I have been back in the studio and recorded their new album, ‘H2’, which will be released later this year proving their history as the true ”KINGS OF THE SLOW JAMS”.
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Ben Tucker: Age 81 (b. December 13, 1931, d. June 4, 2013, Savannah, GA) SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) – Musician Ben Tucker performed with stars from Quincy Jones to Peggy Lee before he settled in the 1970s in Savannah, where the jazz bassist became one of the Georgia city’s best-known working musicians. He was killed in a car crash Tuesday at age 82. Tucker was driving a golf cart across a road on Hutchinson Island when a car slammed into him at high speed, said Savannah-Chatham County police spokesman Julian Miller. Tucker was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Robert William Martin, the driver of the car that struck him was charged with vehicular homicide, racing and reckless driving in connection to the crash. Testimony at Martin’s arraignment showed that while the defendant said he was slowing to 50 mph when he struck the golf cart, evidence taken from the Chrysler 300 that Martin was driving showed he was traveling at 90 mph two seconds before the collision. Ben Tucker CDs
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Turkish born Ertegun signed her, even though there was some interest shown by Capitol Records.Tragically, en route to New York for an appearance at the Apollo Theatre, she was involved in a car crash.
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Chu Berry: Age 31 tenor sax (b Leon Berry, 13 September 1910, Wheeling, West Virginia, d. 30 October 1941). In the early ’30s Berry played tenor saxophone with a number of New York bands, including sessions for Spike Hughes and spells with the bands of Benny Carter and Fletcher Henderson. He was in great demand among leaders who were setting up recording and club sessions and played on memorable dates with Roy Eldridge and Lionel Hampton. In 1937, he was added to the star-studded Cab Calloway band, where his musical influence helped build the band’s reputation as a fine jazz outfit (despite the leader’s exhibitionism). A superbly eloquent soloist, Berry’s playing was in the mold of Coleman Hawkins with a rich and emotional sound. However, before he was able to forge a completely distinctive style, he received severe head injuries in a car crash while touring with Calloway and died a few days later.
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Bessie Smith: Age 43 (b. 15 April 1894, Chattanooga, TN, d. 26 September 1937). In her childhood, Smith sang on street corners before joining a touring black minstrel show as a dancer. Also in the show was Ma Rainey and before long the young newcomer was also singing the blues. By 1920 Smith was headlining a touring show and was well on the way to becoming the finest singer of the blues the USA would ever hear. On the night of September 26, 1937, after appearing at a juke joint in Sunflower County, Mississippi, Smith and her fiance Richard Morgan were driving to Memphis from where they would embark for New York, when their car was struck head-on by a truck. Morgan suffered only minor injuries but Smith’s right arm was nearly severed and she was bleeding profusely. Though it has never been proven conclusively, legend has it that Smith was denied treatment from several “whites only” hospitals in the Delta before arriving at a “colored’s only” hospital in Clarksdale, Mississippi. But by the time she arrived it was too late for she had died from loss of blood. Most blues historians affirm this account of Smith’s death to be accurate, though some state that she actually died at the scene of the crash or shortly thereafter.
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Dottie West: Age 58 (b. Dorothy Marie Marsh, 11 October 1932, McMinnville, Tennessee, d. 4 September 1991). In 1962, at the recommendation of Jim Reeves, Chet Atkins signed her to RCA Records. Her first US country chart hit Let Me Off At The Corner was in 1963, the same year that the first song she wrote, Is This Me, became a number 3 country hit for Jim Reeves. A country Top 10 solo hit of her own song Here Comes My Baby followed, which so successfully launched her career that between 1964-84, she charted a further 60 US country hits. The following year the song made her the first female country singer to win a Grammy. She has won many solo awards and in 1978 and 1979 she and Kenny Rogers were voted the Country Music Association Vocal Duo of the Year. She appeared in two films Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar and There’s A Still On The Hill, and has played the Grand Ole Opry regularly since first becoming a member in 1964. On Friday 30 August 1991, due to problems with her own car, she asked an 81-year-old neighbour to drive her to the Opry for her scheduled appearance. His car crashed at high speed when it left the ramp to the Opry car park, vaulted in the air and hit the central division. Both occupants were rushed to the Vanderbilt Medical Centre in a critical condition. Dottie West suffered a severe rupture of the liver and, in spite of several operations, surgeons could not control the bleeding. Although fully aware of the extent of her injuries, she was unable to speak and sadly died a few days later on 4 September.
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Falco: Age 40 (b. Johann Hoelzl, 19 February 1957, Austria, d. February 6, 1998, Dominican Republic). SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Falco, a classical music prodigy who turned to pop music and had a 1986 hit with “Rock Me Amadeus,” has died in a traffic accident, officials said Saturday. He was 40. The Austrian-born singer and songwriter, whose original name was Johann Holzel, suffered a severe head injury when his sport utility vehicle collided with a bus as he was pulling onto a highway Friday evening near the resort of Puerto Plata. He died at a Puerta Plata hospital. There were no other injuries in the crash. Police detained the bus driver, but no charges have been filed. Police said Holzel was vacationing at the resort, one of the most popular tourism destinations in this Caribbean country, especially among Europeans. Falco was a classical music child prodigy who turned to pop music. His albums featured the synthesizer-based pop rock that was popular in the 1980s. His hits included “Der Kommisar,” “Rock Me Amadeus,” and “Vienna Calling.” Officials at the hospital where Holzel died said his body was moved to Luis Eduardo Aybar Hospital in Santiago, about 35 miles south of Puerto Plata where an autopsy would be performed.

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