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adult car games 1

Let me start by saying that I hate car games.  They’re terrible, stupid, and you should never play them. Admittedly, I’m a bit biased from the unfortunate convergence of nearsightedness and slow reaction time in my youth which rendered me more or less the equivalent of one of those inflatable clown punching bags that can’t stay down during any game of “slug-bug.”  Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that car games are lame, bad, and painful (and did I mention, stupid?).  Honestly, you should move on to another article.
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While the traditional road trip games, like the alphabet game and the license plate game, can be good for the whole family, we plan to entertain ourselves in a more adult fashion. After a few celebratory Jell-o shots before embarking—don’t worry, none for the driver—we’ll look to some of these road trip games for adults to keep ourselves occupied.
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I think we all have a good time playing games like Cards Against Humanity, but it’s hard to play in a cramped car while one of us is responsible for keeping the rest of us alive. So, play a few games that will have you laughing, and let you keep your eyes on the road (and yeah, take lots of selfies).
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My friend Sammy plays this game when he rides in cars.  Actually, my friend Sammy plays this game when we are walking down the street, through a mall, on the beach, in a restaurant– pretty much wherever we are.  We can’t stop him from playing it.  We’ve tried, and he just gets moody (and flatulent, which really isn’t good for anyone).  I’m not really sure that this is a game as much as a plaintive expression of latent sexual frustration, but it goes like this.  You’re in a car with your friend.  You see a person of the opposite sex.  You point to said person and say “Would Ya’?”  You then give a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down.”  That’s it.  Stupid.  Pointless.  Juvenile.  But then again, if you are an adult playing a car game, perfect.
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When I was a kid, there were few things better than getting to spend a few uninterrupted hours playing Pokemon on my Gameboy, grooving to the latest NOW! CD, or playing tiny board games with my sister. But now, most of us spend our car trips either driving, or glued to our phones the whole time. That’s perfectly fine — we all know how important car selfies are. But isn’t taking a holiday road trip with your friends also an opportunity to, I don’t know, actually talk to your friends?
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Fear not. Whether you’re an adult, a kid or somewhere in between, we’ve got five road trip games that will make the hours sail by. First up, rediscover an old classic: Slug Bug.
adult car games 7

Everyone needs some Jell-O shots if they will be passengers on a long, boring road trip. They are the perfect compliment to some good, old-fashioned adult road trip games.
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Before tablets and podcasts, we used games to keep us entertained. For your next road trip, try some of these games to keep you going along the way.
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Everyone in the car has to choose an unusual color for a car (purple, yellow, mint green, etc.), and you get points for every car of that color you see. You could also make the game interesting by allowing passengers to steal points if they spot another passenger’s color first. Or, you know, you could hit each other every time you see your color, because adulthood.
adult car games 10

I owe this game to a friend from middle/high school, and she in turn owes it to her grandmother. I’ve heard other people play variations of this, but the original one I learned is absolutely the best. The car is divided down the middle. If you’re sitting on the left (driver) side of the car, you’re on a team together, and if you’re sitting on the right (passenger) side, you’re on a team together. During your trip, watch out your windows for cows to count; each cow you spot gets you a point, but you can only count cows on your side of the car.
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No matter how good the tunes or the scenery, every car journey is significantly improved by a solid rotation of driving games. By now, you’ve spied all there is to spy, and asked about a million more questions than 20, so up your game game with these eight — all suitable for people old enough to hold a license. Is that Jennifer Lawrence at the stoplight? Eh… probably not.
adult car games 12

If that headlight is burnt out, you’ve got yourself a Padiddle Padiddle This is another fun game to play at night (much like the Polar Plunge game). Whenever you spot a car with a headlight out, you must quickly slap the ceiling of the car. The last person to do so must remove an article of clothing. The game may seem a little childish, but with really competitive (or attractive) friends, it gets to be very interesting.
adult car games 13

Decide on a common word that will be off limits for the duration of the car trip. It doesn’t have to be a swear word, just a common word that everyone will use at least once during normal conversation. Try words like bathroom, cow, phone, etc. to try and trip people up. You can use real money, or have the offending passenger write their name on a scrap of paper and put it in the jar. The person with the most money or names in the jar has to buy the car a round of drinks at your destination, fill up the gas tank, or do something else of your choosing.
adult car games 14

Pick another car on the road, preferably one with a few passengers. Don’t be a creeper, but everyone in your car should at least get one good look at everyone. Once you’ve seen them, take turns deciding who these people are. Maybe they’re ex-circus performers on the run from the mob. Maybe they’re all sister wives on the way to a wedding. Whoever comes up with the most outrageous/accurate/hilarious story, wins.
adult car games 15

There’s an inappropriate segue that could be had there, but we’re more mature than that, right? Right.  This game is pretty much the same as 20-questions with the added disadvantage that it can go on forever as long as your car trip.  A person picks an item without telling the other person in the car about it. The other person asks “yes” or “no” questions to determine what the object is.  It’s a little more fun if you require the object to be something in your field of vision or an item that you passed by recently. For sanity’s sake, it also helps to make it something that’s remotely guessable.  (I once had a friend pick the letter “S” in a Sacramento sign we had just passed.  This took me six hours to guess, which is both sad and pathetic that we were playing this game that long…).
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This is hilarious. My friends play an awesome game on the highway, slightly dangerous but oh well. We get level with a car in the next lane on the highway and then just stare at the driver, the winner is the person who guesses the right amount of time it will take the driver of the other car to react to us just staring at them. Whether it be a smile, weird look or even a turn of the head.
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Chris / September 25, 2012 This is hilarious. My friends play an awesome game on the highway, slightly dangerous but oh well. We get level with a car in the next lane on the highway and then just stare at the driver, the winner is the person who guesses the right amount of time it will take the driver of the other car to react to us just staring at them. Whether it be a smile, weird look or even a turn of the head. Regards, Chris Reply

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