spiderman car cartoon

spiderman car cartoon 1

Clearly, there’s a whole underground world of videos we’ve not been privy to. Wanting to see for myself what all the commotion is about, I, of course, dive into the first video I see—a golden nugget entitled Spiderman saves McQueen & Dinoco from Joker! Cars Cartoon for Kids Nursery Rhymes Songs for Children (try saying that five times fast!). With over a million views, it has to be good, right?
spiderman car cartoon 1

All of these similarly named channels focus on one thing and one thing only: mildly disturbing videos “for kids” starring #Spiderman and #LightningMcQueen made using Grand Theft Auto 5’s director’s mode. Did you know this genre was so popular? Neither did I. But apparently, they’re the next big thing, considering all of their videos have hundreds of thousands if not millions of views.
spiderman car cartoon 2

Along comes Spiderman to save the day. But no, Spidey’s not gonna whip some Joker-ass. The Joker’s already gone by the time Spidey shows up! All Spidey does is call for a tow truck, then follow them back to the auto shop to help fix the cars (because we all know that Spidey is an excellent mechanic).

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