paul walker after car crash

paul walker after car crash 1

Paul Walker, the star of the Fast and Furious film franchise, died after the car he was in crashed at a speed of more than 100mph and burst into flames, according to the coroner’s report released on Friday. Walker, 40, was found dead along with his friend and financial adviser Roger Rodas on 30 November in a burnt-out Porsche Carrera GT in Los Angeles. The coroner’s report said Walker died of the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries while Rodas, the driver, died of multiple traumatic injuries. No drugs or alcohol were detected in either men. Kristy McCracken, the investigator for the Los Angeles coroner, described how the car was driving at unsafe speed in an easterly direction. “For an unknown reason the driver lost control of the vehicle and the vehicle partially spun around and began to travel in a south-easterly direction. “The vehicle then struck a sidewalk and the driver’s side struck a tree and then a lightpost. The force of these collisions caused the vehicle to spin 180 degrees and it continued to travel in an easterly direction,” the report states. “The passenger side of the vehicle then struck a tree and it then burst into flames.” The coroner said the Porsche was found “totalled with major traffic collision damage all around and it appeared that the vehicle was almost split in half.” The report found no evidence of foul play. Walker was still filming scenes for Fast and Furious 7 when the accident happened. The film is expected to be released later this year. Walker and Rodas were the owners of a motor racing team and Rodas was also a professional driver.
paul walker after car crash 1

“The bottom line is that the Porsche Carrera GT is a dangerous car. It doesn’t belong on the street,” Walker’s attorney, Jeff Milam, said in a statement at the time. “And we shouldn’t be without Paul Walker or his friend, Roger Rodas.”
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Walker was a close friend of his 2 Fast 2 Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson. Vin Diesel considered Walker to be like a brother, both on and off screen, and affectionately called him “Pablo”. Walker’s mother referred to her son as Diesel’s “other half”.
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In September 2015, Walker’s daughter Meadow filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche for the death of her father, claiming that the Porsche Carrera GT had numerous design defects including a history of instability, and that seat belt placement can cause harm upon impact. Porsche’s response denied any wrongdoing and blamed Walker himself, stating: “The perils, risk, and danger were open and obvious and known to him, and he chose to conduct himself in a manner so as to expose himself to such perils, dangers, and risks, thus assuming all the risks involved in using the vehicle.” In April 2016, U.S. District Court Judge Philip S. Gutierrez ruled in favor of Porsche in a separate lawsuit filed by Roger Rodas’ widow, Kristine. The ruling has no bearing on two other cases against Porsche which have been filed by Walker’s father, who is also the executor of the actor’s estate, and his daughter. Both are pending cases at the Los Angeles superior court.
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Walker with Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez and Ludacris in “Furious 7,” which had mostly completed filming when Walker died. Many fans got emotional upon seeing Walker onscreen in the movie, which earned $143 million its first weekend.
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Walker began his small screen career as a toddler, when he starred in a television commercial for Pampers. He began modeling at the age of two and began working on television shows in 1985, with roles in shows such as Highway to Heaven, Who’s the Boss?, The Young and the Restless, and Touched by an Angel. That year he starred in a commercial for Showbiz Pizza. Walker’s film career began in 1986, with the horror/comedy film Monster in the Closet. In 1987 he appeared in The Retaliator (aka Programmed to Kill), a low budget cyborg action film, with Robert Ginty. He and his sister Ashlie were contestants on a 1988 episode of the game show I’m Telling!; they finished in second place. In 1993 he played Brandon Collins on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. He and his co-star Heather Tom, who played Victoria Newman, were nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a soap opera at the Youth in Film Awards. In 1998, Walker made his feature film debut in the comedy Meet the Deedles, which finally gained him fame. This subsequently led to supporting roles in the movies Pleasantville , Varsity Blues , She’s All That , and The Skulls .
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Paul Walker, a star of the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise, died in a car crash on November 30, 2013. He was 40. Here’s a look at his career through the years.
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Paul and Roger Rodas, 38, took a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT for a drive during a fundraising event for the Philippines held by Paul’s foundation, Reach Out Worldwide, and Paul said they would be back in five minutes. During the drive, Roger, who was behind the wheel, may have lost control of the car and struck several trees.
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Walker and Rodas, racing team partners, left a charity event at a car shop co-owned by the men to take a ride in an office park in the community of Valencia in Santa Clarita, about 30 miles north of Hollywood. The crash happened a few hundred yards away.
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Shortly after his death, the Hurricane Katrina based film Hours, which he had completed earlier in 2013, was released on December 13, 2013. He had also completed the action film Brick Mansions, a remake of the French film District 13, which was released in April 2014. At the time of his death, Walker had been filming Furious 7, which was slated for release in July 2014. The film was completed by using his brothers Caleb and Cody as his body doubles/stand-ins, and CGI, and was released in April 2015. Walker was also set to play Agent 47 in the video game adaptation Hitman: Agent 47, but died before production began.
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Paul and Roger, Paul’s friend and the CEO of Always Evolving, were both pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Paul was reportedly unable to escape the Porsche as it violently burst into flames. As a result, the 40-year-old actor’s body was rendered nearly unidentifiable, according to TMZ. Roger’s body is reportedly also unrecognizable.
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In 2001, Walker’s breakthrough role arrived when he starred opposite actor Vin Diesel in the successful action film The Fast and the Furious, the first film in the franchise. The film established Walker as a notable film star and leading man and led to his reprise of the role in the 2003 sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious. He continued his career with leading roles in films such as Joy Ride , Timeline , and Into the Blue . He had a supporting role in Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of Flags of Our Fathers .
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Walker then starred in the crime thriller Running Scared and Walt Disney Pictures’ Eight Below, both released in 2006. Eight Below garnered critical-acclaim and opened in first place at the box office, grossing over US$20 million during its first weekend. During the filming of Running Scared, director Wayne Kramer stated that ” is that guy on some level” when comparing Walker with his character in the movie, Joey Gazelle. Kramer continued on to say that he “loved working with because as a director he’s completely supportive of my vision of what the film is. And even better, he’s completely game for it.”
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Previously, the photo below was making the rounds online, but it obviously was not Paul Walker. The above pictures clearly shows his face would not be recognizable. Chalk up another fail for the trolls who think it’s fun to spread lies through false tragedy.
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It is a real shame we lost a great actor, this should be a lesson to all of us. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your profession is, death is always watching and waiting for us. People should be very careful in life and the small choices that we think are the ones that will cause our death. R.I.P. Paul Walker and I hope to meet you on the other side one day.
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Rodas had helped Walker establish his Reach Out Worldwide charity, after creating his own foundation to support widows and orphans in his native El Salvador. He was also the CEO of Always Evolving, the car customization shop where the charity event had been taking place.
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A source familiar with the Walker family’s lawsuit, however, say that investigators who analyzed surveillance video think the car was actually going slower. The suit, in fact, claims the vehicle was traveling “at approximately 63 to 71 mph when it suddenly went out of control.”
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Walker and friend Rodas, 38, had no drugs or alcohol in their blood. Both men were wearing seat belts. The airbags deployed as they should have when the car clipped a light pole and several trees, investigators said.
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“It was clear the car had hit two trees then finally hit a street lamppost,” he says. “Parts of the car were strewn everywhere on the street, as far as 150 feet. I didn’t see any skid marks. Where the car had crashed was on a long straightaway. How fast they were going, I don’t know.”

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