john cena dead car crash

john cena dead car crash 1

See the (possibly intentional) truncation of that original IBT headline, which very much makes it look like Cena is dead. Also see the top result, a photo gallery from of a car accident involving Cena. Circumstantially, the idea that John Cena may be dead suddenly seems plausible. At least until you, ya know, think about it. With your brain parts.
john cena dead car crash 1

Not only was Cena active on social media shortly after the publication of TMZ News Online’s piece, but he also appeared on ESPN SportsCenter that Saturday to discuss the UFC 200 match card. According to The Inquisitr, Cena has been the subject of these kinds of hoaxes before. He was part of one death hoax in 2015, and another notorious hoax in 2012. The Inquisitr writes, “A previous John Cena death hoax claimed that the wrestling superstar had died of a head injury that he suffered when he was practicing a stunt with Dwayne Johnson.”
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John Cena is a great wrestler in the world, and hero. dead is possible but fabilious story, for those who praying john cena dead they will die and live him alive. May God Almighty be your strongth. thanks
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The social media is an important result of the modern day’s technology. It is used to pass information and communication all over the world. It has contributed towards making the world a global village. Most of us get to learn about the daily happenings that take place all over the world through it. However, there are controversial stories that circulate around the social media involving famous persons. Some of those controversial stories include the death of certain individuals, sometimes celebrities, sometimes famous politicians we know. The most recent rumour that has been circulating for the past few months involves the death of a very famous WWE wrestler John Cena which they said, happened on 7 September 2012 and has gotten a lot of people asking Is John Cena dead?
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As noted by Snopes, this isn’t the first time that outlets have reported John Cena dead. In fact, he professional wrestler and TV personality has been the subject of death hoaxes on many occasions. The most recent John Cena death hoax came in 2015, but the hoax that gained the most notoriety came in 2013.
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In the past few days, new rumors indicating that John Cena died via a car accident have begun to circulate on social media. On Facebook, an image even popped up with a photo of the wrestler indicating that Cena “is dead by accident.”
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According to Snopes, the rumor began after a website reported that Cena had died via a car accident while driving a sports car at speeds up to 95 miles per hour. The report, which Snopes said was published in July, claims that the vehicle Cena was allegedly driving in “crossed the double lines several times prior to the accident and hit the center lane divider causing the vehicle to flip and roll.”
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This is by no means the first time that John Cena has been the target of a death hoax. In fact, the poor chap has ‘died’ several times over the last few years. In 2012, a widespread social media message claimed that Cena had died during a wrestling stunt gone wrong. That version was designed to trick people into installing a rogue Facebook app.
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John Cena is still alive. He’s still working Rusev at Wrestlemania, he’s not turning heel any time this century, and you still can’t see him (though I’m not entirely sure if his time is still now given the whole “Old Man Cena” bit).
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Cena is now 39-years-old, and has a reported net worth of $35 million. The WWE superstar will be hosting the 2016 ESPYS on Wednesday night. When discussing the hosting opportunity with ABC News, Cena said, “I love what I do so much, and I’m not ignorant to how sports entertainment is perceived. So, an opportunity like this from ESPN to kind of captain the ship on the biggest night of sports and entertainment … it’s vehicles like that that can help change perception, and I don’t look at it like a career goal, I look at it as appreciation for not just myself, for everybody.”
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The death was initially reported by TMZ News Online, an outlet that is not affiliated with TMZ. The fictitious article wrote, “John Cena died in a single vehicle crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics responding to the vehicle accident and was identified by photo ID found on his body. Alcohol and drugs do not appear to have been a factor in this accident.”
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1. John Cena dead? No, he is still alive and doing well. On his twitter page, he dismissed one of his death rumours that he had passed on and said that it was all hoax. He personally thanked his doctor referring to him as a ‘super surgeon’. This was his response with respect to that prevailing rumour about his death. He tweeted and gave the people his word that he was going to do anything to be active again as soon as possible. On another response to a tweet, the wrestler denied of being attacked and been shot dead.
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I’m seeing posts on facebook about the death of WWE superstar John Cena. Supposedly he died in a car accident, but when I google that, nothing comes up. Can you verify whether or not this is true?
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According to various posts circulating via Twitter and Facebook, popular wrestling star John Cena has been killed in a car accident. The ‘R.I.P.’ posts, which mourn the loss of the WWE icon, are spreading rapidly across the Internet.
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A recent death hoax claimed that WWE champ John Cena died in a car accident in early July. While the actor and wrestler was, in fact, in an accident, he is still alive and thriving.
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2. To all those who believed the rumour, the wrestler had an appearance on WWE RAW on 31 December 2012 saying that he was going to enter the 2013 royal rumble and made a promise to all his fans that he was going to become the WWE champion of the year. Later on, several other wrestlers confirmed their participation in the match. On January 2013, the royal rumble match took place and John Cena emerged as the champion. This match also took place on a date later after his death rumor hit the internet.
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Turns out, the rumors simply aren’t true, according to The myth-debunking website, known for its accuracy, broke down the rumor and verified that John Cena is, in fact, still alive.
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A previous John Cena death hoax claimed that the wrestling superstar had died of a head injury that he suffered when he was practicing a stunt with Dwayne Johnson. At the time of the rumor, debunked the rumor, indicating that the hoax was an effort to gain clicks on malicious links via Facebook.
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John Cena, 39, has been an active part of the professional wrestling community since he began working with Ultimate Pro Wrestling in 1999. He eventually moved on to sign with the WWE. He’s since become one of the most recognizable — and polarizing — wrestlers in the promotion.
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The above-quoted story is a piece of fiction that has been circulating online since at least 2013., which is not affiliated with the gossip web siteTMZ republished this old hoax in July 2016, starting a new round of rumors concerning Cena’s alleged death.
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Though Snopes reports that Cena has not spoken out about the most recent death rumors, it should be noted that 39-year-old has been active on his social media accounts within the past 24 hours. On Saturday, he spoke on ESPN’s SportsCenter about his friend, Brock Lesnar, and the then-upcoming UFC 200 fights.
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ok,,,,so he is alive… afraid if in future he is really dead… people will not believe it…….today i learned that fake news are really interesting when u know its fake….

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