car crash last night

car crash last night 1

“I saw the car flip over, and then I see the fire in the front of the car,” witness Pamella Duncan told Channel 7. “And everybody was getting out of the car to find out if somebody was right there, inside of the car. Next thing, somebody’s in the car, but nobody could get to it because the fire start.”
car crash last night 1

The crash occurred around 11:46 p.m. on Wednesday night, with the vehicle that struck Steen crossing the median and going airborne before crashing into his SUV. That vehicle caught fire, and the driver died on the scene.
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“The thoughts and prayers of the entire Red Sox organization are with minor league player Kevin Steen, who sustained serious injuries in a car accident in Florida last night. The club will update his condition at the appropriate time,” the Red Sox said in a statement.
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The crash was caused when something on Joey Logano’s No. 22 Ford broke, sending him hard into Danica Patrick’s No. 10 Ford in Turn 1 shortly after a restart on Lap 69. Almirola, who was trailing, came up on the wreck and hit both cars hard, lifting the No. 43 Ford’s back wheels off the racing surface.
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“Something broke on my car, I don’t know what it was,” Logano said. “I noticed it as I was trying to go in. I tried to back it off but you’re going 215 (mph) and it’s hard to check up. The car just took a big step sideways into the corner and I hooked Danica.
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“The first hit was definitely sharp and hard. I couldn’t see at that point, there was so much smoke. Then, the fire came in, and I started unbuckling before I came to a stop. When I see fire, it’s like frantic, get out of the car, so I unbuckled and got out. My spotter was saying, ‘Tell me you’re OK, tell me you’re OK,’ and I can hear it, but I was more interested in getting out of the car.
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“I felt like Wonder Woman for a little while,” Patrick said, referring to the movie sponsoring her entry in the Go Bowling 400. “It felt like a super hero movie scene where the car is in a ball of flames.

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