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These racing games are a true battle. Fight against the other road users. In one game there’s someone on the run in a car with explosives and in another game you chase a kidnapper. These are all games with lots of action and high speed, in which the shooting games are combined with the traditional racing games. Get in a fast car on the highway and shoot the enemies while driving. Watch out you don’t get hit yourself, or that you hit another car!
car battle games 1

Vehicular combat games normally follow a simple play pattern; the player must defeat increasing numbers of increasingly skilled enemies, often in increasingly complex battlefields, before facing off against a final, super-powerful, boss character. Vehicular combat games differ from traditional racing games both in the combat aspect and in the general lack of any set path for players to follow, instead allowing them to explore each level at their leisure. The complexity and strategy required to complete games vary, from the careful resource maintenance and intense story-driven plotlines of the Interstate ’76 series to straightforward smashups like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crush Hour. Often the primary plot will involve a contest or competition of some sort, encouraging the various characters to fight and destroy one another to obtain a reward. The Twisted Metal has been attributed as the first “true” vehicular combat game, without cartoony graphics as seen in kart racing games.
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Vehicular combat games (also known as just vehicular combat or car combat) are typically video or computer games where the primary objectives of gameplay includes vehicles, armed with weapons such as machine guns, lasers, missiles, rocket launchers, chainsaws, flamethrowers, molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, hand grenades, and other improvised weapons, attempting to destroy vehicles controlled by the CPU or by opposing players. The genre normally features a variety of different vehicles available for play, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and special attack abilities. Players may also unlock hidden vehicles by completing certain in-game tasks. Traditionally, vehicular combat games focus on fast-paced action inside the vehicle, rarely, if ever, concerning themselves with role-playing or other elements, Metal Max (series) being exception. Games may include racing themes, but they are generally secondary to the action.
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This subgenre of vehicular combat involves mech robots, or mecha, as the vehicle for combat. For most mech games, they are played in either first-person or third-person view style. Other games are based on popular Anime television shows such as the various Gundam series, Robotech, and Evangelion. Also, games with a mech theme are featured in RPG games such as Xenosaga and the Front Mission series.
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Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars features unique rocket-powered cars with incredible manoeuverability, including the ability to rocket into the air or accelerate at supersonic speeds.In this team-based football game, players maoneuver their vehicles to perform breathtaking saves, awe-inspiring shots and achieve speeds that literally turn your opponents into scrap metal.Wide-ranging community involvement is supported through team play, as well as extensive and thorough statistical tracking, rankings and rewards for individuals and teams, including support for trophies.The game features three single player modes as well as team and league matches and scrimmage matches online.Using the full featured in-game video editor, players will have the ability to save, upload and share their amazing triumphs and hysterical battle-car antics to their hard drive or even upload clips directly to YouTube.Huge array of multiplayer options including split-screen and online matchmakingSave your game and even edit the footage to upload to YouTubePlay in the single player tournament or unlock new cars in the mini-games

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