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Securing the services of an attorney after a car accident is the best way to protect your rights moving forward. Regardless of who was at fault in your car accident, a Kansas City car accident attorney can help you wade through insurance claims, injury liability information, and defense against legal action. Car accidents can include a number of unanticipated legal challenges like the presence of a pedestrian, uninsured drivers, employer liability, and premises liability.  There are also a number of different types of auto accidents, including but not limited too: Truck Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Drunk Driver Collisions Rear End Accidents Head on Collisions Distracted Driving Crash Pedestrian Accidents Bicycle Accidents Auto Accident Statistics Auto accident statistics, including the number and types of automobile related collisions and deaths varies vastly among the 50 different states in the U.S. Depending on a specific state’s population is just one of the many factors that effects the number of motor vehicle deaths. Fatality rates per capita and per vehicle miles traveled provide a way of examining automobile deaths relative to the population and amount of driving. However, many factors can affect these rates, including types of vehicles driven, travel speeds, state traffic laws, rates of licensure, weather, and many more. In 2013 there were 30,057 fatal automobile related accidents in the United States. This total number of fatal accidents resulted in 32,719 deaths. In the United States during 2013 there were motor vehicle crash death rates of 10.3 deaths per 100,000 people and 1.11 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. The fatality rate per 100,000 people ranged from a low of 3.1 in the District of Columbia to a high of 22.6 in Montana. The death rates per 100 million vehicle miles traveled ranged from 0.56 in the District of Columbia to 1.96 in Montana. Depending upon the severity of the accident, those involved can sustain extremely serious – often fatal – injuries.  In fact, between 2011 and 2013, there were 431 people killed and 3,179  people seriously injured in car accidents in Kansas City alone. When comparing younger drivers and senior drivers, we notice seniors are more likely to be involved in certain types of collisions, angle crashes, overtaking or merging crashes, and especially intersection crashes. Among passenger vehicle drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2013, crashes involving more then one automobile at intersections accounted for 40 percent of the crashes for drivers 80 and older, compared with 19 percent for drivers ages 16-59. Specific physical, cognitive and visual abilities may decline with advancing age. However, there are large individual differences in the onset and degree of functional impairments, so age alone is not sufficient information to judge driving ability. The chart below illustrates both the fatalities and serious injuries by vehicle type.
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So why do you need a car accident lawyer in the first place? First things first, it’s important to note that you are not required to hire an attorney at all. If you feel comfortable handling your automobile accident case on your own, and all that the process entails, you do not have to hire a car accident lawyer. That being said, hiring an a car accident lawyer to handle your case can be tremendously helpful for many reasons. One is that car accident lawyers have specialized training thanks to years spent in law school. Beyond the books though, an experienced Kansas City car accident lawyers has hundreds and thousands of hours of real life experience to rely on. In many ways, it’s this experience that’s the most valuable. It’s certainly a prerequisite to know the law, but having a firm understanding of how that law applies in the real world to real accident cases is what leads to a winning case.
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Absolutely. In fact, we can’t stress that enough. It is critical that you move fast after a Kansas City, Missouri auto accident. Though it is a shame that an injured car accident victim needs to worry about a ticking clock, the reality is that the longer you wait the more likely your case could be harmed. Evidence and witnesses have a habit of disappearing and the more time that passes between when an accident occurs and when your car accident lawyer begins gathering proof, the more likely it is that people, records, documentation or even surveillance videos, will evaporate. By taking action early, it gives your case a jump start and lets your car accident lawyer begin assembling the necessary proof while events are still fresh in people’s minds.
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Securing the services of an attorney after a car accident is the best way to protect your rights moving forward. Regardless of who was at fault in your car accident, a Kansas City car accident attorney can help you wade through insurance claims, injury liability information, and defense against legal action.
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Once you’ve assessed your injuries and gotten out of harm’s way, it’s now time to contact law enforcement authorities. Anyone who has been involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries or serious property damage needs to report this immediately to local authorities. Not only are you legally obligated to report such accidents, you need to do so for the sake of your future accident claim. Reporting the accident to authorities will result in an official accident report, a great source of information and evidence should a claim arise. The report may also assign fault to the other party, another important boost to a potential auto accident claim. Finally, a police report is useful because it contains the names and contact details for the drivers involved.
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Always get medical attention immediately, even if you only feel a few bumps or bruises. Some car accident injuries will not be felt until weeks after an accident. Getting cleared by a physician is the best way to determine the severity of your injuries from the start. Contact and retain an experienced Kansas City personal injury attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, who can help you with your case from start to finish.
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Car accident cases may be settled outside of court through negotiations by both parties involved. After you file a suit in a car accident case, your claim will go through a discovery process. Sometimes during this process, attorneys and all parties will reach an understanding for settlement. During negotiations, an auto accident attorney in Kansas City, MO will make a demand for compensation which may be accepted or rejected by the defendant. Evidence such as medical records and depositions that allow for under-oath testimony will also be part of the settlement process before a case goes to court.
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If you’ve been involved in a Kansas City auto accident, it can be a very confusing to know what to do next and how to move forward. The reality is that most people are unfamiliar with the court system and have likely never needed to hire a car accident lawyer before. This inexperience can add to the stress of an already stressful situation, requiring you to make decisions about whether to hire a car accident lawyer and, if so, which one, all without sufficient information.
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Hiring a car accident lawyer can also be helpful for things outside of court. Negotiation is far more an art than a science and given the number of auto accident cases that are settled outside of court, it’s important to have someone in charge that knows how to negotiate effectively. Skilled Kansas City, Missouri car accident lawyers know their way around the process of working with insurance companies to reach a settlement that compensates victims for the harm they’ve suffered. Knowing when to push for more and when to ease up are important skills that only someone who has been there and done it before will have.
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Finally, hiring a car accident lawyer can be a relief psychologically and emotionally. The stress of an accident, especially a serious one, can be immense. Mounting medical bills and time off work can take a terrible financial and emotional toll. Being able to relinquish the weight and responsibility of handling your case to someone else and knowing that person has the experience and skill to carry the ball to the finish line can be a tremendous relief. In the midst of such a draining and confusion process, knowing that you have a Kansas City, MO car accident lawyer to fight in your corner can be a surprising help to many people.
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Do they seem to understand car accident cases? Do they have sufficient experience handling Kansas City, MO auto accident claims? If so, meet with them. Remember, most car accident lawyers will happily offer an initial meeting to discuss your case for free, giving you a chance to find out if you will get along on a personal level.
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Comparative negligence is used to determine whether any negligence on the part of the plaintiff contributed to car accident damages more than the combined negligence of any other drivers or accident participants. Pure comparative negligence, practiced in Missouri and by extension Kansas City, MO, states that a plaintiff who is 90% to blame for an accident can only recover 10% of his or her losses. On the other hand, the defendant can recover up to 90% of losses, although this recovery rate is not guaranteed in every case.

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