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A driver got the fright of his life when he tried to drive through a tunnel — only to find out it was PAINTED onto a wall. The bizarre incident was something straight out of a Road Runner cartoon. The wall even featured an image of the cheeky fast-moving bird made famous by Looney Tunes peering at the tunnel. It was no laughing matter for the driver though, as it left his car in quite a state. The image, shared on Reddit by user Miss Reb entitled ” So this happened …”, shows the before and after scene, and the driver of the red Fiat managed to take a smash to the front of his car.
car accident cartoon 1

The reason the work, which was inspired by Road Runner cartoons, was deleted was to prevent the picture from confusing drivers and causing accidents. The mural was painted on Monday, 14 December 2015. Netizens also circulated the image of a crumpled car that they said was involved in an accident after the driver did not notice that the tunnel was not real. However, the Company’s President Director of Traffic Safety and Juazeiro Transport, Fábio Assis, denied that there had been a collision. “This rumor circulated on the internet along with this picture of a car. There were no accidents at the site. As soon as we learned of the existence of the painting, we immediately tried to erase it. During the day, it looked like a child’s painting and was almost imperceptible, but at night it was really deceptive. So we tried to act quickly, taking into account worries about the safety of drivers,” he said.
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There hasn’t been much more information about exactly what happened, with most stories about the event simply referencing the Imgur post. I haven’t found much more information either, to get details or prove this is what actually happened, or anything, really. But I’m not sure how much I care. As long as no one was hurt, I sort of want this to be true. The picture told in these stories is one of a glorious, messy intersection between the rules of the cartoon world and the rules of reality.
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Dislike this cartoon?’I was texting when my pop spilled on my laptop, which made me drop my iPod. So you see, officer, it wasn’t my fault. Blame technology.’
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Years later, Blanc revealed that during his recovery, his son Noel “ghosted” several Warner Bros. cartoons’ voice tracks for him. Warner Bros. had also asked Stan Freberg to provide the voice for Bugs Bunny, but Freberg declined, out of respect for Blanc. At the time of the accident, Blanc was also serving as the voice of Barney Rubble in The Flintstones. His absence from the show was relatively brief; Daws Butler provided the voice of Barney for a few episodes, after which the show’s producers set up recording equipment in Blanc’s hospital room and later at his home to allow him to work from there. Some of the recordings were made while he was in full-body cast as he lay flat on his back with the other Flintstones co-stars gathered around him. He also returned to The Jack Benny Program to film the program’s 1961 Christmas show, moving around by crutches and a wheelchair.

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