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I guess I shouldn’t be suprised that a car wash may not employ the most upstanding citizens but we had an ipod and some loose change taken from our van at this car wash. The ipod and change were in a seat pocket/compartment. There was no mistake, I placed my sons ipod in the seat pocket just before we entered the car wash. We arrived home one hour later and no ipod, no change. We spoke to the Manager and he was very pleasant but no effort and no action. Apparently, the owners of this car wash feel that if they display a sign that contains the phrase “”not responsible for lost or stolen”” in it , they have the right to hire criminals and any loose items in your vehicle are fair game! Yes, it was reported.
capital city car wash 1

I was extremely disappointed with this car wash. It was my first and last time. It doesn’t even look like I washed my car. Mirrors, hood and rear window did not even come clean (mirrors were not even touched). For a few dollars more, I would have gladly paid for a full service car wash that had actual employees. In this day of increasing prices, I hate to waste my time and money. It won’t happen here again.
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Capital City Carwash cut the tires and gouged the rims on our new car. The owner Jason Connor, doesn’t respond to repeated calls, letters or emails. He hides behind his employees. We did catch up with him once and he promised to make repairs but disappeared. CAUTION! do not use this car wash!
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This car-wash is a disappointment. I usually clean my own car (outside and inside), but I didn’t have time today. I had my hairy bloodhound in my car a few days ago, and I’m leaving for the beach tomorrow; I figured I’d splurge and have it done professionally. I got the “”Platinum”” package. The service only took 15 mins. When I sat inside, I still saw a lot of hair in the back seat. When I questioned the boy who was helping me, he claimed that “”not all vacuums get hair;”” I replied with “”my dirt devil can do better than this.”” He agreed to take it back and have it re-vacuumed, but it still wasn’t what I expected. The exterior wasn’t much better; areas look like they haven’t been touched even though the whole thing was to be washed and waxed. In the future, I’ll make time to do it myself.
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You wont find a better wash in the city for the price. My experience has been great I usually purchase the $6 wash and am always satisfied. The part I love the most is the free vacuums, this saves me money, they don’t care if you come and vacuum and leave. I like the option of vacuuming when I want, If I washed my car two days ago and just want a vacuum they dont care and I like that.
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Camp Hill, PA Capital City Car Wash, Inc was informed on March 27, 2017 that our point-of-sale system experienced an intrusion last month. Our point-of-sale system is operated by a third-party platform provider and this provider experienced the intrusion.
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After being in the business for over twenty years, you can bet we know exactly what we’re doing—we’re a full-service soft cloth wash which also offers interior/exterior detailing by our polite, well-trained, and experienced staff. They’ll treat your car better than anyone has likely treated it before, give it some thorough inside and out TLC, and get it looking commercial-car clean.

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