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HTT Automobile is a Canadian sports car manufacturer that was founded in 2007. The company is known to produce the first Canadian sports car to ever be made which was debuted in the 2007 Montreal Internation Auto Show, the HTT Plethore. The vehicle is 2-door and comes equipped with a 6.2-L V8 engine with 6-Speed Tremec Manual transmission. For now, the company hasn’t introduced any new sports car, but there have been rumors about a redesigned version of the Plethore.
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– 2015 Sales: down 1.7% to 64,950 – Canada’s best-selling passenger car for 18 consecutive years is also Canada’s third-best-selling vehicle line overall for a fifth consecutive year. Though Canadian sales of the Civic decreased marginally in 2015, Honda Canada ended the year switching from its ninth-gen Civic into a tenth-gen car, a vehicle the company expects to do very well in 2016 even as Canadian passenger car volume continues to decrease.
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Do you want to know more about those Canadian cars to show some national pride? Well good news for you, we found a list of Canadian car brands. These automobile manufacturing companies of Canada are improving on their technologies, and might be capable in the future for entering a global market.
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I’ve had cars on the brain a lot lately. As part of Ansible’s (IPG’s mobile marketing and technology agency) MDEX global study assessing brand performance and mobile readiness of more than 2,000 brands, we audited 68 Canadian brands, including nine auto brands. Also, I personally just went through the new-car-buying process.
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Which-car-is-best momentsCanadians start the process with an open mind: 65% of car buyers entered the market uncertain about what make or model they would buy.2 That means they’re looking for ideas and inspiration, checking YouTube for things like “best 2016 SUVs” and turning to search for the “top 10 cars of 2016.” Car companies need to be present for the crucial initial research phase, when Canadian car buyers have an average of three brands on their shopping lists.2
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The wheel, the bike, the automobile—like the great inventions before it, mobile continues to build upon its own potential. As smartphones inform the purchase decisions of billions of consumers worldwide, marketers are working around the clock to find new ways to meet the needs of these always-on customers. One result of consumers becoming increasingly mobile is that they’re now researching and making large purchase decisions on their smartphones, and that’s good news for car companies. Mobile can inspire shoppers to consider your brand, recite safety specs and MPG for all models at the drop of a hat, and even send potential buyers on virtual test drives in their living rooms. These days, a mobile presence can be your brand’s hardest working and most impactful brand ambassador. More and more, Canadian car buyers are using their smartphones for help, and they’re taking action quickly. In our Mobile Search Moments study we found that 39% of auto-related mobile searches that happen in Canada lead to a conversion, and 80% of mobile conversions occur in less than an hour of those intent-based searches.1 These mobile moments offer car brands countless ways to turn inquires into actions. Identifying the micro-moments that drive mobile conversions Mazda Canada knew mobile is one of the best ways to connect with car buyers throughout their purchase journeys, as 37% of its site traffic comes from smartphones and that number tops 50% when tablets are taken into account.
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To help consumers looking to make the perfect choice, Mazda revamped its mobile site to make it simple for consumers to compare prices and book test drives anywhere, anytime. The mobile-friendly site navigation allows on-the-go consumers to compare competitors, request a quote, download a brochure, or build and price a vehicle. Mazda also noticed that car buyers are more likely to use their smartphone to book a test drive than car shoppers, so it worked to ensure it is showing relevant ads in top positions at the moment a potential customer may be looking to test drive a Mazda vehicle. Can-I-afford-it momentsAffordability is a major concern for most Canadian car buyers. Consumers want to make sure they’re spending time looking at cars they can afford—so much so that car buyers spend 25% of their time on researching pricing/financing arrangements alone,2 and 32% of auto financing searches happen on mobile.5 Mazda recognized consumers’ needs to compare and validate prices, even seeing that customers compared prices while standing at a Mazda dealership. So its mobile site now includes helpful comparison tools, showing buyers detailed comparisons on things like horsepower, technology, warranties, and certainly, price.
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Is-it-right-for-me momentsModern consumers are strapped for time, and the car buying journey seems to get shorter every year. Today, car buyers want to gather and evaluate as much information as possible before heading to the dealership. And they can, thanks to innovative new tools like 360° videos on YouTube. These videos enable brands to give car buyers the “up close and personal” experience they’re looking for before they head to the dealership, and consumers are taking notice. Consumers are also increasingly turning to mobile search to find out all the ins and outs of their potential set of wheels, as demonstrated by the 154% lift in car technology searches we’ve seen on mobile.3 WiFi, for example, is an increasingly popular feature, and search interest for car WiFi is up 70% YoY.4
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– 2015 Sales: up 11.8% to 53,727 – It’s important to note that the fourth-ranked Sierra is one of GM’s full-size pickup twins. Together, the Sierra and Silverado combined for 100,134 Canadian sales in 2015, enough to outsell the second-ranked Ram P/U by nearly 9,000 units. The Sierra is the core of the GMC lineup, generating nearly two-thirds of the brand’s sales. Sales of the Sierra were not negatively affected after the arrival of a new midsize GMC offering, the Canyon. Sierra and Silverado sales shot up to record Canadian highs.
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Hyundai’s new luxury car brand officially began its Canadian operations today with the launch of Genesis Motors Canada. Around 30 separate dealerships will open in the next five years and Genesis stores will even pop up in shopping malls across the country starting next summer.Genesis aims to stand out from other luxury car companies by surpassing customer expectations through a modern, human-centred purchase and ownership model.Potential customers will be able to schedule a demo and/or road test with a Genesis representative at a time and a place of their choosing. They will also have the opportunity to fill financing documents, make a deposit, and order a new car through the online platform while sitting comfortably at home or at the office.The prices you’ll see not only include freight and delivery charges, but also complimentary maintenance services and navigation software updates for a 5-year/100,000km period.In addition, the Genesis at Home concierge service extends from the purchase process into the ownership period where customers can have their vehicle picked up for scheduled maintenance, left a courtesy vehicle, and returned when complete.“Genesis will bring the brand into customers' lives in a harmonious way, saving them time with simplified, set pricing, fully-equipped models, and the Genesis at Home concierge service for sales and service,” says Michael Ricciuto, Director of Genesis.The Genesis portfolio will first include the G80 midsize luxury sedan and the G90 full-size luxury sedan, which we tested late this summer. By 2021, it will expand to six models following the addition of a sports coupe, a smaller sedan, and two SUVs.For more information, visit Photos:Genesis 2017 Genesis G90 pictures See the complete Gallery
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– 2015 Sales: down 14.6% to 15,781 – Canada’s top-selling midsize car in 2013 and 2014 lost 8% of its record-setting 2013 volume in 2014 and plunged a further 15% in 2015. The Canadian midsize car market is struggling on the whole, but no car exemplifies that more than this former best-seller, which has lost more than a fifth of its volume over the last two years.
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– 2015 Sales: down 15.0% to 34,811 – Many a critic, asked to name the best small car on the market, would cite the Mazda 3. But no critic can’t point to the 3 and say it’s Canada’s best-selling small car. Indeed, the 3 is falling further from the podium. The 15% drop in 2015 is severe. Over the last decade, Canadian sales of the 3 are down 31%. Are all the lost 3 buyers simply moving to the CX-5 and newer CX-3? Many may be, but brand-wide Mazda sales unfortunately still decreased in 2015.
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Another option would be to get notified if a car with similar features became available. Any given brand has an average of a one in four chance of being chosen for the actual purchase, out of all brands being considered.2 Car buyers are open, and convenient solutions that get them what they need can be just the thing for brands to win them over. 
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Is-it-right-for-me momentsModern consumers are strapped for time, and the car buying journey seems to get shorter every year. Today, car buyers want to gather and evaluate as much information as possible before heading to the dealership. And they can, thanks to innovative new tools like 360° videos on YouTube. These videos enable brands to give car buyers the “up close and personal” experience they’re looking for before they head to the dealership, and consumers are taking notice.

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