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If, like me, you’re a petrolhead then you’ll want to drive some of the fastest, most desirable cars on the planet – but unless you’re incredibly lucky,  a track day or racing game is the closest you’ll get to them. Racing games have come a long way in the past few years, however, and so far this year titles such as Project Cars and Assetto Corsa have offered incredible levels of detail and realism that you simply wouldn’t have seen in the past.But they’re not all racing sims. Whether you prefer constantly tweaking your setup during a practice session, or darting through traffic in a vinyl-emblazoned Lamborghini – there’s a racing game from everyone.So which ones are worth your cash? I’ve played racing games – probably a little too much – for the past 20 years, and to make things easier for you, I’ve put together a list of the best racing games on the PS4 in 2017.The best racing games on the PS4 in 20171. Assetto Corsa If you’re a fan of racing sims, Assetto Corsa is a must-have. Following months of delays on PS4 and Xbox One, the PC racer’s favourite finally made its way to the console last year – and it’s the most realistic racing game I’ve ever played. There’s a great range of cars and tracks to drive – including my local circuit, Brands Hatch – and there’s DLCs being released all the time. Multiplayer on Assetto Corsa is by no means perfect, and the graphics don’t look as pretty as some games now, but overall it remains the best racing sim you can buy in 2017. Read our full review of Assetto Corsa, here Assetto Corsa (PS4) £14.91 Buy now 2. DiRT Rally If you prefer mud to tarmac, and prefer fences or huge drops to Armco barriers, you’ll love DiRT Rally. Although it might sound like just another DiRT game, DiRT Rally sees the series go back to its sim-based rally routes – and that can only be a good thing. With a steering wheel and shifter, this game offers one of the most immersive driving experiences out there, and that’s without the optional PSVR DLC.Okay, so it might not have the full licensing of the official WRC game, but with such good handling and attention to detail, as well as the option of more DLCs in the future, who cares? Dirt Rally Legend Edition (PS4) £29.99 Buy now 3. F1 2016 Every year, Codemasters releases a new version of its official Formula One game, but this year’s title is one of the best. While on the surface it might appear very similar to last year’s game, but there really is a huge difference between F1 2016 and F1 2015. Little bits of fan-requested detail have found their way into the game – from the safety car to manual starts – and at time they really make you feel like an actual Formula One driver. When combined with a much deeper, improved career mode, the result is a game that can cater for hardcore fans and casual racers alike. Read our full review of F1 2016, here.  F1 2016 Limited Edition (PS4) £34.49 Buy now Racing games are becoming more realistic all the time, and a steering wheel really is the best way to experience such titles. There are quite a few to choose from, but the Thrustmaster T300RS combines good value with great performance; it’s the one I use. Read my review of the Thrusmaster T300RS GT Edition here. Thrustmaster T300 RS Official Force Feedback wheel (PS4/PS3/PC DVD) £256.99 Buy now 5. Driveclub Driveclub might not be the most realistic racer around, or the most in-depth, but it could be the prettiest. Released two years ago by Evolution Studios, Driveclub was one of the first racers on the PS4, and offers casual gamers good, clean fun. Sure, Driveclub doesn’t have the hyper-realistic handling of other games, or the huge garage of Forza 6, for example, but it’s good enough for those not obsessed with downforce or suspension settings – and packs in some of the best weather effects you’ll ever see. If you like your games more Ridge Racer than Gran Turismo, it’s worth taking a look at Driveclub; it should be pretty cheap to pick up now, too. Driveclub (PS4) £16.21 Buy now 4. Project Cars: Game of the Year EditionVideo of Project CARS Game of the Year Edition – Out Now!Released last year, Project Cars is still one of the most realistic racers you can buy on the PS4, and an essential game for hardcore racers. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco, Project Cars features a huge but varied garage of cars, which should impress casual racers and more dedicated fans alike. As well as the usual supercars, Project Cars includes some of my personal favourites, from the legendary Sauber C9 to the silent-but-deadly Audi R18 e-tron quattro Le Mans car – and more have been added via DLC. Combine that with gorgeous visuals, incredible sound and realistic handling, and Project Cars should be top of your list. The Game of the Year Edition has just been released, and comes with 50+ additional cars and three tracks over the original game as standard – so that’s the one to pick up in 2017. Best enjoyed with a steering wheel. Project CARS – Game of the Year Edition (PS4) £26.60 Buy now Best upcoming racing gamesProject Cars 2 The original Project Cars ushered in a new period of ultra-realistic racers, and it looks like Project Cars 2 will be bigger and better. There will be more than 170 cars and 60 tracks in the new version, and Slightly Mad studios has already shown off several off-road tracks too, so you can powerslide in snow, ice and mud, as well as tarmac. There will be dynamic weather and lighting effects too – something that isn’t included in GT Sport. Throw in possible PS VR capability, and Project Cars 2 could be the game to buy this year. You can read my preview of Project Cars 2 here.GT Sport If you like racing games then you’ll already know about Gran Turismo. It’s one of the most important franchises ever for the PlayStation brand, and following years of delays, we’re finally going to get a new version for the PS4. It’s going to be called GT Sport, and Polyphony Digital says it will be the most ambitious Gran Turismo game yet. Featuring PS VR compatibility, 4K optimisation along with an eSport league – we can’t wait!
best car game ps4 1

If you want to drive fast desirable, cars, you have a few limited options. You can either review cars you’ll never afford – like this, you can somehow buy your own, or you can play racing games on the PS4 and Xbox One. I’ve settled for the first and last options, and that puts me in a great position for recommending the best racing games you can get in 2017. See related Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition review: The best steering wheel you can buy for Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 Although lean towards more realistic titles, I’ve put together a mix of games that should appeal to both the die-hard simulation racer, and the more accessible arcade driver – so even Sunday drivers aren’t left out. And you’ll also find some of these titles are available on both the Xbox One and the PS4, too. If you’re looking for Gran Turismo Sport though, you’re going to be disappointed – as this is just a list of all the games you can buy right now. Best racing games in 2017 1. Assetto Corsa (PS4, Xbox One) If you’re like me, and enjoy spending hours improving your lap times in an obsessive manner, Assetto Corsa is the game you for you. It packs in some of the best handling you’ll ever experience outside of an actual car, and with the right gaming setup it’s incredibly addictive. Sure, it’s not the prettiest game by any means, but after a few laps, you’ll be so overwhelmed by the sound and feel of Assetto Corsa you’ll barely notice. Despite being a relatively small operation Kunos is adding new DLC content pretty much every all the time – the latest was the Porsche pack – and it looks like there’s also plans to introduce 4K content in the future, too. Thankfully, Assetto Corsa is out on both the PS4 and Xbox One too, so you won’t miss out if you’re a Microsoft or Sony fan. Read our full review here. 2. DiRT Rally (PS4, Xbox One) Colin McRae Rally is still regarded as one of the best racing games ever made, and DiRT Rally should be considered its spiritual successor. As its name suggests, DiRT Rally isn’t about sports cars or slick tyres – it trades circuits for snow, gravel and mud on some of the world’s most demanding roads. Despite not being as popular as Forza or Gran Turismo, DiRT features incredible handling and graphics – and unlike those two games it’s also available solely in VR for an impressively immersive experience. Combine that with a great car line-up that includes classics and cutting-edge machines, and DiRT Rally is the ultimate way to experience off-road racing. 3. Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) I’m usually a fan of more realistic racers, but even I couldn’t ignore the fun to be had in Forza Horizon 3. Simply put, Forza Horizon 3 is a throwback to games such as Need For Speed, Burnout and Ridge Racer – but it has the gorgeous graphics you’d expect from a game in 2016. Realism isn’t the main agenda here – your first race is against a jeep attached to a helicopter – but that doesn’t really matter that much, because Forza Horizon 3 promises countless hours of entertainment. If you’ve got a Xbox One, this should be one of the first games you check out – even if you usually prefer more hardcore-style racers. Read our full review here. 4. F1 2016 (PS4, Xbox One) Every year Codemasters releases a brand-new F1 game, but for the past few years, they’ve been a bit off the pace. Happily, F1 2016 represents a return to form for Codemasters, partly because it gives hardcore racing fans the features they’ve been asking about for years. This time around, F1 2016 includes a safety car, a full start-up procedure, and an in-depth career mode that makes you feel like a real Formula One driver. Of course, there are modes and difficulties levels for beginners too, so F1 2016 is great whether you’re a sim racer or Sunday driver. It’s available on both the PS4 and Xbox One. Read our full review here. F1 2016 (PS4) £34.50 Buy now

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