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It is easier than ever to shop for used sports cars these days. And the Autobytel website has thousands of used sports cars for sale. Performance is the number one attraction to a used sports car for consumers. A sports car does not necessarily have to have a large amount of horsepower, although most do. Instead, any vehicle that is well-engineered, lightweight, and balanced can be considered a sports car. A used sports car can come in different forms such as a: muscle car, roadster, sport compact, or super sedan. Sports cars can also have a front-engine layout like a Corvette or a mid/rear-engine layout like a Lamborghini. These vehicles can be two-seaters or they can seat five. In today’s market there is plenty of room for multiple versions of used sports cars. Not matter what you are interested in; there is a sports car to satisfy your needs. Pretty much every manufacturer that has vehicles for sale in America has some form of sports car on the market. And given that there are so many different vehicles and vehicle configurations; it should come as no surprise that there are thousands of used sports cars for sale. With a used sports car you can afford to drive a more expensive vehicle than you would normally. With a new car you not only pay the asking price, but the registration, license fee, taxes and all other addition costs. Also by adding on options and features to a new automobile, the price can rise drastically. But by purchasing a used spots car you can get a vehicle that is fully loaded at a more reasonable price. And depending on your budget you can practically choose any vehicle you want. If you would like to see higher end used sports cars but do not have a lot of money; then looking for a car that is a couple of years older or one that has a higher amount of miles may be the way to go. If you cannot decide where to start in your search for used sports cars; let Autobytel make it easier on you. Simply choose the sports car category and enter in your zip code. The resulting list could contain thousands of used sports cars for sale in your area. This includes vehicles from all manufacturers. For each listing there is information on the year, make, model, photo, mileage, asking price, color, and distance from your location. Sort by manufacturer if you know what you are looking for. Once you choose a specific used sports car, there is a ton more stuff that becomes available. See a handful of picture of the vehicle including interior, exterior, and engine shots. These are great because you can get a good look at a prospective vehicle without having to visit the dealer lot. View a list of options and features that come with the car. You can also check the value of used sports cars with the Kelley Blue Book tool that is free to use. Finally get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in order to run a history report on the car that will identify any past problems. Take advantage of the Autobytel website in your search for used sports cars.
acura sports car for sale 1

The hybrid powertrain is the single thin thread tying the NSX to the rest of the Acura showroom. There isn’t a single legitimate sports sedan in the Acura lineup to bathe in the glow of the halo radiating from the NSX, and that seems unlikely to change anytime soon. Instead, Acura can only brag that the electric components are essentially a mirrored reflection of the system used in the RLX Sport Hybrid.
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Acura resisted the temptation to provide a separate damper calibration for every drive mode, which is fine by us. The Germans often get mired in creating a ­different but similarly compromised tune for each drive mode. Based on feel alone, Acura’s two settings use a fairly narrow portion of the bandwidth afforded by magnetorheological dampers, with one position covering Sport-Plus and Track modes and a softer tune for Quiet and Sport.
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Acura could highlight the NSX’s electric hardware if it would mimic Tesla’s strategy of activating full regen braking when the driver lifts off the throttle, either in the less sporty driving modes or with a stand-alone, selectable option. One-pedal driving becomes another connection to the machine, allowing the driver to be an active participant in managing the battery charge and timing accelerator application with greater intention. If we were Acura, we’d consider it.
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The NSX rarely wants to let its rear tires slip, and with 1.06 g’s of lateral grip from the Trofeo Rs, it rarely wants to slide the front tires, either. The handling balance is practically as harmless as in any Acura sedan, which some might interpret as the ultimate dis from a car magazine. It’s not intended as such here. You want a car that drifts every time you look sideways? Buy a V-8 Chevy Camaro. All-wheel drive and a mid-mounted engine are good at delivering buttoned-up composure. The NSX is no exception.
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For Acura, the hybrid system that supplements the 500-hp V-6 plays perfectly to the character of the NSX, both old and new. Just like the original, the modern NSX is every bit as civilized as it is quick. The open sightlines, the wide cabin, and the seats that accommodate the average American are as notable in this class as are the electric motors that give it instant off-the-line thrust. It’s a supercar without a God complex, as unpretentious as a car with an engine behind the driver and a six-figure price on the window can possibly be.
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Because there’s nothing “normal” about a 573-hp, torque-vectoring, gas-electric mid-engined Acura, engineers named the NSX’s default street mode “Sport.” It strikes us as a misnomer, though, because getting the NSX to accelerate enthusiastically in this mode requires big, deliberate throttle inputs. It’s best suited to urban settings, where the low-end torque of the electric motors—two up front and a third, larger unit mated to the engine—pulls the NSX off the line faster than traffic, but without spinning the engine much beyond 3000 rpm.
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If you were expecting to slice through town with the swift, mute moves of a Tesla, you’d be disappointed. With a small ­lithium-ion battery pack (Acura will only say its capacity is “approximately one kilowatt-hour”) and less than a Honda Civic’s worth of horsepower from the electric motors, the NSX rarely gets above walking speed without firing the engine. It prefers to ride the 3.5-liter V-6 to cruising speed and then sail on electrons up to 50 mph when the road is flat or downhill.
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If you’ve been dreaming of the next NSX, it’s time to wake up: It’s here in the form of a highly technical and utterly thrilling supercar. With weight-saving construction, a hybrid powertrain that has three electric motors and a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 making a combined output of 573 hp, the NSX offers pulse-pounding performance paired with everyday usability. A nine-speed dual-clutch automatic and all-wheel drive are standard. Jump to Instrumented Test – 2017 Acura NSX
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You can feel the NSX’s urge relaxing near 120 mph as the two 36-hp front motors fade out. Their purpose is more sophisticated than simple straight-line speed, though. The motors do as much to turn the NSX as they do to accelerate the car, and they are never more effective at that task than in Track mode. The NSX’s relatively low-torque, front-axle vectoring makes for a decidedly different feeling compared with the rear-axle action we’ve come to know well. A torque-vectoring rear differential, like that found in a Lexus GS F, often provides a tightly controlled drift. In the NSX, the front motors simply pull the car down toward the apex, tightening the trajectory instead of increasing the car’s slip angle. The effect is closer to breathing off the throttle rather than inducing power oversteer.
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